I’m Andrea Maglianella and I come from Catania one of the main city in the east of Sicily, in Italy.

After High School leaving qualification in scientific studies.

I have started some Erasmus experiences in Greece and later in England and I realized my will to discover new cultures, new places and even new languages.

So thanks to my Italian association I was lucky to find and be chosen in an EVS project here in Poland with a theme really important to me: civil society and human rights. Honestly I tried to make my city a better place in terms of liveability for the citizen and the tourist as well but I actually didn’t know how I can act to change things so I hope to learn to much things in here.

I’m very excited and I feel blessed to start this adventure because I really like to be helpful and gain experience and I would like that the progress that I notice abroad will spread in Italy as well, knowing the right tools to act in a properly way.

My trip to reach Poland was so long and stressful but when I arrived in Katowice I forget all my tiredness and I found the right motivation to start the project and the snow contribute to change my mood because in my land is very unusual and so when I see it I feel relaxed.

In Bona Fides Association I found such a great people that help me to feel confident from the beginning, I’m very happy about the accommodation because it seems to be at home for me and I have the bus stop and other shops really close to me.

My first impressions about the city are pretty good, transports works very well and the buses that I took are always in time, I like the city centre but I still saw very less, people are gentle even if in the area where I live people don’t know English language so I have to suddenly begin to learn Polish.

So I’m ready to start EVS appreciating this country and exploring the daily life of the local people.

Let the adventure begin!!