Strauss APS returns from Puebla (Mexico) with another success.

A fruitful meeting

Hosted by BUAP, the coordination and management team of the Sicilian organisation organised and carried out the final evaluation meeting of the ON – Migration, Inclusion, Integration project, a KA2 of the Erasmus+ Programme, Capacity Building in the field of Youth, which, despite being fully affected by the Covid 19 pandemic and its aftermath, brought home remarkable results.

The cooperation with 8 other partners from Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey, Estonia, Colombia, Ecuador and Honduras, including two universities and the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy, lasted over 30 months and resulted in the realisation of:

  • A training course for over 20 youth workers on social inclusion and integration of migrants and refugees
  • Over 20 local capacity-building workshops in Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Colombia, Ecuador and Honduras, with over 400 participants from the local communities involved
  • 11 long-term volunteer projects in Europe and Latin America
  • Carrying out a university study on the degree of integration and satisfaction of migrants and refugees in local communities
  • Production of a manual on working with migrants and refugees for Youth Workers
  • Production of a video on promoting the values of volunteering
  • 3 international coordination meetings between partners

A long and fruitful but no less complex cooperation, which ensured the project the certainty of having created a tangible and, above all, useful impact for organisations and local communities, as it was able to provide them with tools and solutions to play their part in one of the greatest challenges of this century.

A public conference

A final conference open to the public, both academic and non-academic, in the presence of the university rector and all the other university authorities enabled the impact and multiplication of the results of ON – MII to be extended

The final event, organised by Strauss and BUAP, was the icing on the cake. It was an event that allowed for an in-depth evaluation of the project’s activities, final results and products, and plans for the future, looking forward to future cooperation.

Between obstacles and detours, a project that remains current through Non-Formal Education

This is how project coordinator Dario Palermo comments:

“The meeting in Mexico marked the end of an important project conceived, coordinated and completed by the staff of Strauss APS together with the consortium of partners. ON – Migration, Inclusion, Integration was characterised by extremely topical and impactful issues, a journey that started in January 2020 with the Kick-Off Meeting in Colombia and will end on 31 July. Like many journeys, a project of this kind, and one that includes profoundly different continents, cultures and ways of working, presupposes and takes into account in advance possible detours, difficulties and obstacles. It is certain that the covid was the element that posed the greatest challenge, but the coordination of Strauss APS, combined with the quality of the partners, made it possible to find the right solutions to complete the processes in place and still ensure the original quality of activities and results.
In the light of the current situation on the world geopolitical chessboard, which more or less indirectly affects the entire world, the project’s themes take on greater importance and relevance because, while first Covid-19 and then the Russia-Ukraine conflict almost completely overshadowed the migratory phenomena, the recent situation in Ukraine with the refugee emergency has shown how topical and complex the problem is and how much there is still to be done. The last point that deserves to be emphasised and highlighted is the synergy developed between the academic world – formal education and Non-Formal Education, a groove traced and a highroad that, properly integrated with each other, can revolutionise the future of the world of education and bring out the strengths of one or the other approach, limiting its shortcomings”. 

The final conference can be viewed HERE