• T.E.D.D.Y. Hero – Training Education Discipline to Develop Yourself is a Small Collaborative Partnerships in the field of Sport project of the Erasmus+ programme.

    The general aim of the project is to allow members of partner organisations to acquire and transfer new tools, to exchange experiences, to improve competencies and find innovative methods to promote education in and through sport, with special focus on skills development. The project establishes and strengthens strategic partnerships in sport by linking sports clubs and associations operating in different sectors and sports (synchronized swimming; horseback archery; Kayak polo; female futsal; hiking) to each other in order to promote the values of sport as a unifying element and training element of the person as an athlete-sportsperson and as an active citizen in civil society.

  • On its specific objectives level, the project promoted:
    • healthy and positive lifestyles through the activation of local labs in all participating countries;
    • the ability of young sportsmen, women and amateurs to self-assess their degree of involvement in motor and sports activities;
    • the exchange of good practices between instructors, coaches, teachers and staff for the enhancement of the skills acquired in sport by young sportsmen, women and amateurs, useful in civil society;
    • physical and psychic well-being of individuals and the direct connection of sport with the values of active citizenship, sociability, human development.
  • The consortium created operated through:
    • four transnational meetings (1 in each country):
    • local labs (in each country);
    • remote cooperation.
  • Two main final products were created:
    • A self-assessment quiz. For young sportsmen, women and amateurs to self-assess their degree of involvement in motor and sports activities.
    • Handbook of good practices of NFE in sport for the promotion and valorisation in civil society of competences acquired through sport.
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Goals and needs of the kick off were to strengthen the working team by developing mutual knowledge and trust; to define the coordination and division of labor and tasks with respect to the project goals; and to present the various social and territorial contexts of the partners. The Consortium produced a timeline containing the guidelines to be followed in the months ahead and the division of tasks among the partners. The final goal was to officially explain the project, its objectives and activities, along with the final products of the project. The consortium also created standardized forms to collect best practices for the implementation of the TEDDY Kit and ideas on the structure and scopes of the self-assessment questionnaire “How Sporty Am I?”


During the second mobility, the partners conducted specific training activities on how to best adopt the techniques of nonformal education in sports practice and training to foster the acquisition of professional, social and life skills and competencies in sportsmen, youth, amateurs and teams. The first edition of the TEDDY-Kit was worked on and then tested by partners during local workshops. Work was also done on the “How Sporty Am I?” quiz. Finally, the meeting provided adequate training for the partners’ coordinators and instructors on how to successfully use nonformal education methodologies in sports practice.

Partner meeting to evaluate both the work done in the previous months and the first editions of the TEDDY-kit and the “How Sporty Am I?” self-assessment questionnaire. At the end of the meeting, the Consortium produced the final versions of the TEDDY-Kit and “How Sporty am I?”, applied in some Local Workshops and disseminated. The meeting allowed to discuss the action plan, better define the indicators to be used and the measures to adjust the interventions and their effectiveness until the end of the project.

Last international event, allowed to share and evaluate, through presentations and workshops, the project results, final products, training manual and define the follow-up.


Find out what the project T.E.D.D.Y. Hero has produced in two years of cooperation


Self-assessment quiz “How Sporty Am I?” aimed at the public, which simultaneously operates a process of reflection on one’s own sporting habits and raising awareness of the physical and mental benefits of sport. This allowed us to promote healthy lifestyles and the development of self-awareness about one’s engagement in sport. It also contains important information on alcohol conusmo, nicotine, the right amount of daily calories, water consumption, the right amount of sleep, and other useful information on wellness.


The TEDDY-KIT is intended as an open learning resource for youth workers and sport personnel that are engaged in community work with young people, sport classes and young people with fewer opportunities or excluded. The kit is also intended for other interested users who are either new to the field or have limited experience. It consists of a series of samples of non-formal learning activities, background texts, references, tools and evaluation techniques that can be integrated into sport activities.


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