I have reached the end of my project, I believed indeed I hoped that this day would never come. I remember as if it were yesterday the day I arrived here in Spain without speaking the language and without knowing anyone, I was full of fear and now after 11 months here I am totally another person, I have made a personal improvement and growth that I do not I never imagined. I did my volunteer work in Andalusia, which for me is the most beautiful place in Spain, working with boys and girls with functional disabilities as monitors, although in the end I learned a lot more from them. By doing this volunteering in 2020 I obviously had to adapt and get used to the new rules that the virus has brought. I was here when the pandemic came but I always tried to be positive and also I was confined with the nicest roommates around the world and at the end of the quarantine we were more than roommates we were a family. It was very difficult to say goodbye to this place that stole my heart.